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We work with nonprofits to set up a no nonsense way of gaining more online donations so they can have more peace of mind and the financial freedom to turn the big picture of their mission into a reality.

Maybe you’ve never used an online payment processor but you’ve heard there’s great potential as a reliable way to grow your organization.

Most nonprofits who do have a system in place have chosen big corporations like Paypal to collect donations from their supporters. But the reality is, it doesn’t take long for you or one of your donors to hit a wall in the system. Of course when you ring up customer service you end up ping ponging from robot to robot and before you know it, your whole day is gone.

Our mission is to help you every step of the way to make the setup and everyday use as simple as possible for you and your supporters.

We know you’re looking for a simpler way to collect donations without the hassle of frequent runs to the bank to deal with cash or depositing checks.

You’re looking for an online payment processor that won’t waste your time with a complicated online portal. You want an online payment processor you can trust. One that makes your life easier, especially when it comes time to give your donors the correct paperwork to claim tax benefits on their yearly donations.

Best of all - when you need us we’ll pick up the phone!

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Tithex wants to help all non-profits collect donations online by making it easy and convenient for both organization and donors.

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